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Our Process For Working With Clients

As your estate planning attorney, we strive to serve you as people, not as a file.  By focusing on your family’s hopes, dreams and aspirations, we are able to combine our legal expertise to create plans that serve your family not only today, but well into the future.

Step One: The Initial Consultation

We offer prospective estate planning clients a complimentary initial consultation for general estate planning.  Prior to this meeting, we request that you complete a Client Confidential Personal Information Booklet to help us better understand your family and financial situation.  Please email for the current form. Please forward the completed Booklet and any prior Trusts and Wills you possess to the office prior to your Consultation.  At your Consultation, we will discuss in detail the clients’ background and family, goals and concerns, and any issues identified in the Confidential Personal Information Design Booklet that require further consideration. At the end of this meeting, a fee will be quoted based on a preliminary plan design.

Step Two:  The Design Meeting

The proposed estate plan design is presented to the clients in an outline format. Together, we will work through the details of the plan design to create a customized estate plan strategy that meets the clients’ goals and objectives while addressing their concerns and anxieties.

Step Three: Review and Sign the Documents

We review the estate plan to ensure the clients understand their estate plan and that it meets their goals and objectives. The clients then sign the legal documents to implement the estate plan.

Step Four: FUNDING

Once the estate plan documents have been executed, we assist you with beneficiary designation changes and other funding issues to ensure the planning is effective and works as designed.

Step Five: FAMILY CARE MEETING (optional)

We educate the clients’ family members, executors, trustees, agents and beneficiaries about the clients’ plan, their roles, and why the plan is designed as it is.  Note: Specific financial information is not revealed during this meeting unless clients choose to do so.

Step Six: Ongoing Client Care (optional)

We do not consider the signing of the documents as just the final part of a legal transaction. In fact, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. Through our firm’s Client Care Program we keep our clients informed of changes that could affect their planning, maintain a secure storage of your estate planning, legal, and financial records in order to maintain your estate plan to meet your ever changing estate planning goals. We also encourage our clients to call our office when they have a question concerning any aspect of their estate planning, and review the clients’ estate plan annually in light of any changes in their family, finances, the law, or new planning strategies.

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